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Tulio: All right. Cards on the table. Uh, I want you to come to Spain with me and Miguel. Mostly me. Especially me. Only me. Forget Miguel.

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Vejen til El Dorado
Instruktion:Bibo Bergeron
Don Paul
Manuskript:Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio
Medvirkende:Kristian Boland (Tulio)
Kevin Kline (Tulio, ori.)
Timm Vladimir (Miguel)
Kenneth Branagh (Miguel, ori.)
Anne Pagh (Chel)
Rosie Perez (Chel, ori.)
Peter Zhelder (Tzekel-Kan)
Armand Assante (Tzekel-Kan, ori.)
Morten Staugaard (Høvdingen)
Edward James Olmos (Høvdingen, ori.)
Producer:Bonnie Radford
Brooke Breton
Klipper:Vicki Hiatt
Komponist:Elton John
Tim Rice
Hans Zimmer
John Powell
Genre:Animation, Adventure
Originaltitel:The Road to El Dorado
Anmeldelser:Ls biograf-anmeldelsen her
Ls video-anmeldelsen her
Ls DVD-anmeldelsen her
Premieredato, biograf:01-09-2000
Udgivelsesdato, video:26-06-2001
Udgivelsesdato, DVD:26-06-2001


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